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  The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague.  Who shall say where one ends, and where the other begins...
    - Edgar Allan Poe

Crow Wing County


Milford Magneses Mine [1] - This two-hundred-foot deep mine is haunted by a ghost who never left his post. On February 5th 1924, a miner dug through a wall that abutted Foley's pond and a rush of water flooded the mine. In 15 minutes, the mine was underwater and 43 men had died. The seven survivors spoke of the heroism of one man, Clinton Harris, Who could have escaped but remained to sound warning bells to miners on the upper levels. His warning bell rang for over 5 hours after the mine was flooded. It took over three months to drain the mine of water. The first miners who volunteered to go back down in the mine found a horrible scene at the bottom of the shaft. There was the ghostly form of Clinton Harris, still holding the escape ladder, his gaze directed upwards. The men ran from the mine and never returned.

Douglas County

Old Broadway Restaurant [1] - Old Broadway was once a brothel and a morgue. It is now a restaurant. Patrons and staff have reported that they witnessed an old woman walking upstairs during the evenings. She has also been seen in the mirrors as staff have been cleaning off the tables. The old woman is believed to be friendly.

Isanti County


Pershing School House - Coming soon...

Kandiyohi County


Sibley State Park - Timberlake Road [1] - A woman's children were killed in her house many years ago while she was gone. She came back to discover that they were all dead. She then hung her self. She haunts Timberlake Road looking for the killer. Her house was strangely burnt down a couple years ago. There have been many sightings of red eyes in the forest, screams, dogs barking and the barking getting closer and closer to you, moans from the women, and strange shadows. In the winter there are many piles of dead rats. There is a cemetery on the same road where she was said to be buried. Children have been seen in the cemetery. Many people in Willmar and New London/Spicer know the stories and have seen it for themselves.

McLeod County


Harrington House [1] - On the north side of Park Elementary, there is a one-story house, built around 1820, the first in the town of Hutchinson. The house was built by the Harringtons and was inhabited for 40 yrs by the Harringtons. One night, Little Crow, (Little Crow was a Sioux) known around here as a hero, spent the night with two of his friends, and both were shot in the house, one in the basement, and one on the top level. The ghosts of the two Indians haunt the house. Pictures fall, blood comes through the floor, and voices are heard.


Glencoe - Ferguson's Cemetery [1] - The cemetery is out in the middle of nowhere alongside a county blacktop surrounded by corn fields. Supposedly haunted by a little boy. The small grave stone for him is separate from the rest of the cemetery. It sits in the southwest corner all by itself. The cemetery is framed by large pines and large iron gate at the front of the cemetery there is a small dirt field road on the west side that runs along the length of the cemetery and ends next the boys grave. In the center of the cemetery is a large tree or trees growing out one base. At night after 12am if you count the trees at the center of the cemetery and if you go to the boy’s grave and come back the number of trees has changed. Most of the time it's thirteen but sometimes as few as six. It also feels as though someone is watching you and that you're not welcome there. Some people are reported to have seen dogs by the boys grave as you are backing out with a car.

Meeker County

Forest City

Mystery Road 660 [1] - If you go through Forest City be sure to get on road 330 and then turn on to 660. Bring your level with you. Drive down the road a hundred feet and check the road, it should be perfectly level. Now turn your car around and put it in neutral. Your car will get pulled backwards on a perfectly level road. People also get headaches on this road.

Grove City

Blue Moon Restaurant [1] - Footsteps heard going from the kitchen area to the end of the hall by the restroom. The footsteps were heard nightly between 11-12 pm. Also, apparitions of a tall gentlemen (about 6 ft) wearing a long black cape. No facial characteristics were noticed since light was coming from behind the apparition. This restaurant is located about 5 miles north of Cosmos, MN on HWY 4.


Ness Church [1] - This church is haunted by the Sioux Indians. Many reports say that the lights of the church turn on, strange figures appear, a little girl named Annie was buried. It has been said that she will come out to your car at night and sit on top to of the roof of your car and if you drive off with her on your car she will haunt you for the rest of your life unless you let her get off on her own. And last at the stroke of midnight a car would appear and drive behind you and all of a sudden disappear once you hit the end of the road.

Stearns County


St. John's University [1] - An angry mother haunts the campus of this Catholic school for men. During construction of Abbey Church in the 1880s, a young monk fell from a scaffold and was killed. The mother of the monk was never satisfied with the Abbott's explanation. After a heated argument at the dedication of the church, the woman was killed when her buggy overturned in a nearby lake. Afterwards strange, wet footprints were regularly found down the center aisle of the church and people complained of feeling an agitated presence there. Years later, when a new church was built on the same spot, a huge crack formed down the center aisle on the day of dedication. Wet footprints are also left behind by the ghost of Brother Anselm Bartolome, who drowned at nearby Sagatagon Lake. He haunts the shores of the lake as well as the halls of the university where he taught.

Sauk Center

Palmer House [1] - This hotel was built in 1901 on top of another hotel that had burned down in 1900. There are stories of a small boy bouncing a ball down one of the hallways late at night.

St. Cloud

St. Cloud Times [1] - For years it's been reported by night employees that a man who is either dressed in a white shirt and bow tie or a printer's shirt appears in the basement of the building. Sometimes the sound of banjo playing is heard. He's been known to tamper with office equipment and lights from time to time.

St Cloud State University - Riverview [1] - There are stories of a lady ghost in Riverview, the second oldest building on campus. Long after everyone else is gone and only the janitors remain, there are reports of hearing a lady walk around with high heel clicking sounds. She'll also move chairs and open doors. Riverview used to be where the students of SCSU would go to teach the children and there is also a ghost child that roams around, bouncing a ball.

St. Cloud State University - James W. Miller Learning Resources Center [1] - The new library was built over an unmarked graveyard. Children's and adult's bones were found and later studied by students and staff. The most common ghost is a solider dressed in his time period's uniform, walking through the hallways.

St. Cloud State University - Lawrence Hall [1] - This is the oldest building on the campus. It was built in 1904. In 1950 a janitor in the building murdered two teachers who had offices in the building. It was abandoned in 1968 for unknown reasons. Today students have reported seeing a figure of a bald headed man standing in the doorways of the building. Some see lights flash on and off from outside!

St. Cloud State University - Shoemaker Hall [1] - In the early 1900's a student at the St. Cloud Normal School had an affair with a janitor at Shoemaker Hall, which was the dormitory for the students. She became pregnant and hung herself in the meat locker of the kitchen (now the basement). Shoemaker is still a dorm and many students report objects being moved, clocks flashing impossible numbers, lights and TVs turning on for no reason and an apparition of a woman floating above beds late at night.

St. Cloud State University - North Shoemaker Hall [1] - North Shoemaker Hall was built in the early part of the twentieth century. Legend states that one of the lunch ladies hanged herself in the basement meat locker. Many of the resident advisors have reported hearing strange things in the meat locker. They even say that the door will unlock by itself after employees have locked it.

Wright County


Thayer's Bed and Breakfast [1] - Not only is the place haunted by a little girl ghost, a bride, but also there are two ghost cats, and the owner's husband, plus the two original owners! But the best part is that the current owner is psychic, and gives readings to guests (by appointment.)


Fountain Lake [1] - They say a women drowned in the lake and every night at midnight you can hear her ghost scream.


Old Mealey Place [1] - This old farmhouse was built by Tobias Gilmor Mealey in 1855. It is said that T. G. Mealey still haunts this farmhouse. In the 1940's Marion and Jeannette Sebey moved into this home. Within a few weeks, they reported many strange paranormal events, including lights turning on and off, loud rapping and thumping noises and sounds of furniture being moved in the upstairs bedroom when there was no-one around. In 1965 a couple by the name of Bob and Marion Jameson bought the house and began to remodel. After the remodeling was complete, they moved in. For the next few years, they had to live with loud footsteps coming from the 2nd floor in the middle of the night, knocking sounds on doors and windows, and a large bluish light that hovered near the front door. The Jameson's 2 dogs refused to enter the room. The family avoided the upstairs bedroom at night and anyone who slept in that bedroom was awakened by something tugging at the bed sheets

[1] Taken from the Shadowland web site.

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